Become a Viddy Partner!

As a Viddy partner, you can spend time on what you love most. To film! We take care of the communication with the customer, and manage the post-production so you avoid endless corrections and long nights.

  • Extra income
  • Work when it suits you
  • Strong Community
Hvorfor blive viddy partner?
Extra income
Accept assignments in your area and get paid for the hours you work. With us there are no "interest-rate" hours.
Work when it suits you
You decide which tasks you want to say yes to, and can turn up and down as you like.
Expand your network
As a viddy, you meet many other videographers, and we often meet at social events across the country.
Viddy Partner FAQ
Viddy Partner FAQ
  • Do I need to have a company to get paid at Viddy?

    Yes. suggest that you create a CVR for yourself, together with this guideline on skat you can be done in a few steps. Under this link you will find information why it is worth it and learn about other details. (Link to SKAT - you can read more about it here)

  • I am 16 year old, can I work for Viddy?

    You are more than welcome to fill out the form and apply, we have no restrictions as of who can become a Viddy Partner, yet we work with many different customers and we might prefer some qualifications over others for certain situations, for example as renting a car or other age restrictions.

  • Is my camera good enough to work at Viddy?

    We prefer to work with Full Frame Camera that can record at least 4K 25fps, You are of course more than welcome to apple through our application form and fill out all information about your gear.

  • I live in Aalborg, can I join Viddy?

    We work with customers across Denmark, simply apply to join Viddy and list your operation area. Do you have a car? Even better! We have productions in each region.

  • I am a camera enthusiast, can I work for Viddy?

    We expect basic knowledge and experience of a video production, you should know the concept of lighting the scene, monitoring and recording proper sound as well as offering a professional approach to our customers. We provide a Viddy Partner Guide, where you can follow the steps and see for yourself how confident you feel about producing content for us.

  • I don't have a car, can I still Apply?

    We ask about transportation in our application form, in order to have an option to send Viddy’s into harder accessible areas. If you do not have a car do not worry, it is great if you have a bike, use public transportation or simply show up at customer locations.

  • Do I need to edit videos which I record?

    We handle Post-Production on our side, you are responsible only for the production part, we take care of Pre-Production and Post-Production.