Company info

Viddy Aps
Badstuestræde 3, 3. floor
1209 København K
VAT: DK42404659
Phone: +45 70 60 55 28
E-mail: [email protected]


Viddy ApS offers production of videos and content to social media and other digital channels. Viddy is responsible for Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production.

Ad hoc

Ad hoc is a combination of services from preparation to delivery of finished films.

Ad hoc involves:

- One hour of video production including setup.
- Transport to and from the customer's chosen location in Denmark, excl. non-landlocked islands (For example Bornholm)
- Project coordination regarding the individual production.
- Basic equipment package (4K/FullHD, Lavalier Mic for one person, Video Light).
- 2 hours of grading and editing (incl. Affixing of nameplates, logos and other static signs) of up to 3 films of total max. 5 minutes duration. - A revision.


“It is a prerequisite for our delivery that we are fully informed about the scope of the assignment on the day of filming, both in terms of the actual filming and special wishes for how the film will finally be cut. If the task is not sufficiently described by the buyer, there may be extra hours for recording and editing as well as costs for equipment and the like.
We receive briefs in various formats, but recommend that you use our order template, which can be found via this link: https://booking.viddy.video/

Working hours and Supplements

We deliver video production every weekday between 9.00 and 17.00. If production is desired outside normal working hours, an off-hours fee is added. We always strive to meet production needs at odd times or at short notice.


If the buyer is not present at the agreed address and / or at the agreed time, Viddy ApS is not obliged to refund or move the recording.

Viddy ApS can be canceled up to 24 hours before admission. Cancellation within 24 hours of production incurs a fee of 50% of the total amount for the Viddy ApS in question. For members, the fee is 25%. Cancellation must be made in writing to: [email protected]


Viddy assumes no responsibility for the loss or damage of raw files or other video material.

Data Handling

Viddy takes care of your data and your files.

Use and Delivery of Material

When you buy a video production from Viddy ApS., You buy one or more finished video (s). Therefore, no further editing or editing of the material may take place without consent. You must also not use selected clips in other material from third parties. There will be cases where Viddy ApS. - without additional payment - gives consent and is therefore aware of the situation.

When you buy a video production, you buy the finished films, not the raw material. Viddy ApS basically stores the raw material for a minimum of 6 months, if customers want more videos cut later, or include parts of it in future productions. It is possible to buy the raw material, but in most cases it is not recommended, as: A professional is needed to navigate in file formats, color profiles, frame rates, resolution, etc.

There is a larger sorting job by transferring files. It is usually very large amounts of data that it takes time and bandwidth to transfer or deliver on an external hard drive.

It is possible to buy raw material. The price varies from job to job, as the amounts of data also vary.


We are not satisfied until you are satisfied. We therefore do what we can to match expectations and obtain sufficient information to deliver according to your wishes (See “Briefing”). If you still do not believe that the finished films live up to the expected standard, simply contact us at [email protected] Inquiries must be made no later than 7 days from receipt of the finished films. If the films have been published, the right of complaint is waived.


Corrections cover the buyer's desire for changes after reviewing movies. The first correction hour is included with a Viddy, after which it is settled per. commenced hour that may be needed. Corrections do not cover the correction of errors or misunderstandings committed by Viddy ApS.